About Us

ShowinginPhilippines.com is your one-stop entertainment schedules and events website about what's happening live in Manila or beyond the metro here in Philippines.

Showing in Philippines showcases upcoming Philippine Concerts, Movies, TV, and Events throughout the world in order for them to reach necessary information about specific shows or events that will happen in the Philippines as well as outside the country as far as Filipinos are concerned.

ShowinginPhilippines.com was established last December 2, 2014. In celebrating of our 1st anniversary, we found out how our site has done for its first year in the world wide web. The following data were gathered right after December 2, 2015 and it showed how we just improved from 1 year exposure of our website:

Unique Pageviews: 90,000+
Alexa Traffic Rank (Worldwide): 230,000+
Alexa Traffic Rank (Philippines): 1,500+

Google Plus Followers: 9
Facebook Page Followers: 765
Twitter Followers: 18
Feedburner Subscribers: 40

The next update will be on our 3rd year anniversary - December 2, 2017.

About the Administrators:
Engr. Joseph Mario F. Medillo
Joseph Mario Medillo - attended Technological Institute of the Philippines as a Civil Engineering student and he's been a Licensed Civil Engineer in the Philippines as of May 2015. He is a NFL enthusiast and has been rooting for the Oakland Raiders since 2008.

Mark Joseph F. Gomez
Mark Joseph Gomez - the author of the Majogoblog.com that was known for blogging upcoming local and international movies that will be featured here in the Philippines. He is a sports enthusiast and has built a Philippine sports website known as Pinoypridesports.com showcasing the talent of Filipino athletes.

Christian Jack Vazquez

Christian Jack Vazquez - an online freelancer as a website content writer since 2013 and is very knowledgeable about Search Engine Optimization for all of his blog posts. He is currently serving 4 consistent clients to write his articles for.

Joseph Mario Medillo and Mark Joseph Gomez is related to each other as cousins. They both started blogging since 2010 and tried numerous domain names since. Joseph has tried 4 websites and Mark has tried 5 websites before setting up for showinginphilippines.com. Christian Jack Vazquez is a highschool classmate of Joseph Mario Medillo.